• HERMOSA BEACH- Super cool, chill town minutes away from the beach.  Locals call it the "Bubble" because why would you want to leave this paradise and deal with crazy LA traffic? Another local called Hermosa Beach "College Part 2" because it's populated by a bunch of recent college grads just trying to play volleyball on the beach and drink cheap beer.  -Where to go: The downtown Pier has tons of yummy restaurants including:Mediteraneo for sophisticated tapas and Good Stuff Cafe for good french toast, eggs, bacon, a slice of delicious heaven on a fork. American Junkie is a really fun bar, with surfing videos playing in the background and a mix of live and dance music and apparently celebs frequent... like Justin Beiber... the day before I arrive out West...
  • MALIBU- Kardashians where are you???  Malibu is swanky and I loved it.  If the mansions in the cliffs of Malibu weren't a clear sign that we weren't in Kansas anymore, the exorbitant prices at restaurants were. My friend Steph and I ate at Malibu Farms and felt like celebs, only we were ballin on a budget because we could only afford drinks and ice cream.  A balanced meal, right?  ~What to do in Malibooo  *Watch the surfers at Surfrider beach *Join them if you are skilled *Eat at Duke's. Crab fried wontons. HELLO! *Walk on, under, and all around the pier while your friend forces you to pose on a rock like the Little Mermaid
  • HOLLYWOOD- Also known as "Holly-weird"  -My friend Steph and I decided to be sporty and attempted to climb up to the top of the famous Hollywood sign, which we later learned was not only impossible, but illegal to be as close as we had imagined. Long story short it took us 3 hours to make our ascend and an Uber ride to get us back to our car once we finally reached civilization.  ** Note to anyone attempting to hike the Hollywood sign from Grifitth Observatory: Leave your sweatshirt in the car and bring a water bottle, or 5.
  • BEVERLY HILLS- Steph and I also wanted to be classy on the same day we decided to be sporty, which resulted in us changing out of sweaty hiking clothes into cute rompers in a parking garage on Rodeo Drive.  High class society right there!  -We felt so gross after our hike and decided we deserved a mani/pedi. Low and behold who walks in to our empty salon but Sofia Vergara.  I almost screamed.  We were both too "polite" to approach her so I just starred and smiled at her 20 times while her and I were being pampered from across the room.  ~Tip: If you want to spot celebs you have to partake in common everyday things that they might do, like Ms. Vergara, now Mrs. Manganiello, ugh jealous of that #MagicMike
  • SAN DIEGO- The ride down from Hermosa Beach to San Diego was beautiful, as were all of the drives down the Califorina coast, c'mon.  -While in  SD you must:  ~Stop in Laguna Beach and let the Hills serenade you with Hilary Duff and memories of the early 2000's and your favorite group of dramatic teens  ~Go to the Zoo! I spent 4 hours here and it was amazing.  Elephant Odessey is now renamed Carly's Odessey.  Pure. Elephant. Heaven.
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  • LOS ANGELES-  Broad. Broad. Broad. Broad.   ~This museum opened in September and showcases the most thought-provoking, awe-inspiring pieces of modern and contemporary art.   ~Tip: Start upstairs where you'll find Jeff Koons, Roy Lichenstein, and Mark Bradford. End with Ragnar Kjartansson's nine-screen video room.  A beautifully choreographed artistic creation. And if you get there early or don't mind waiting hours in line Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirrored Room" will not disappoint.
  • VENICE BEACH- While surfers and skaters take over the boardwalk, Abbot Kinney Boulevard is where some  serious shoppers roam.  Think big names like: illesteva, Kit and Ace, TOMS, LF Stores, and Aviator Nation mixed with etherial, boutiques filled with succulent plants, tiny gemstone jewels, and antique home accessories.

LA la land

LA was simply a dream.  The weather, beaches, and people are all beautiful. So close your eyes.. err open them.. and see what I captured that’s sooo dreamy.


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